Assalamualaikum semua.

Disini ingin diwar- warkan bahawa program kami turut disertai oleh Pertubuhan Orang Cacat Penglihatan Malaysia.
Berikut merupakan butiran tentang persatuan ini.

Pertubuhan Orang Cacat Penglihatan Malaysia
Agensi             : Bukan Kerajaan
URL                :
Alamat             : No.40-A,Jalan Padang Belia,Brickfields, 50470 Kuala Lumpur
No Telefon       : +(60) 03.2274.6162(60) 03.2274.6162
Faks                : +(60) 03.2274.3818
Emel                :
  1. To encourage visually impared persons in Malaysia
  2. To work for their mutual sosio-economic advancement and their common good
  3. To uphold the rights of blind people
  4. To live as participating and contributing citizens of this country and promote their legitimate interests
  5. To promote communication and understanding among members
  6. To promote sports and recreation for the blind
  7. To monitor and/or assess services provided for the blind by government and non-government bodies and other civil society movement
  8. To advocate, present the considered views and recommendation of the society on matters concerning blind
  9. To the relevant bodies
  10. To co-operate with other organization
  11. To achieve the objectives of the society
  12. To work towards overcoming social barriers and
  13. To promiotr integation between blind and sighted people
  14. To promote in the general well being of the blind.

Oleh itu, program- program yang kami jalankan dibawah anjuran MEGA ini akan menyumbangkan sebagian dari keuntungan kami ke pertubuhan ini.

Jadi ayuh sertai kami, bersukan sambil menderma :)